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Born in Bogotá Colombia was surrounded by Disco and Funk at home at an early age.

Began drumming along 80s pop, to then get influenced by progressive rock and electric jazz to become known as a funk - rock drummer. Asked for a keyboard but got a drum set because his father thought had more character.

After 10 lessons with a teacher, has to look for a new one, only to find it on a few instructional videos available that later influenced his own method.

In mid 90s creates the band Vertigo with José Cortes who also wakes up his interest in the guitar and after Gustavo Barrera joins the Band, they turn it into the most recognized of its genre, Blues/Rock.

Drumming with Vertigo started in bars and moved quickly to the Rock al Parque festivals at first as an elected band by contest and then as a guest group. In 2009 the Festival invited the Band for recognition as a group that set the base of the festival. At the end of the 90s coproduces Vertigo's second Album with Jose Cortes and Chucho Merchán .

During the same period participates in Reggadera, with Jimena Ángel, Santiago Roa (Andrés Cepeda), Camilo Gandul, Carlos Iván Medina (Distrito Especial, Carlos Vives) as well as being the live drummer for Compañía Ilimitada for a short period. In the year 2000 gets the very first drum endorsement in Colombia from a British drum company he hasplayed exclusively for more than 10 years.

After a short visit to Phoenix Arizona, meets for the very first time, family members with a group of musicians, for whom he played drums for a while, and helps create a the Latin jazz band Rakata with his uncle.

During the same period enlists in the urban percussion group “Street Jam", along a crew of hip hop dancers and gymnasts they create customized entertainment for corporate clients. The group later leads him to an audition in Los Angeles with choreographer Frank Boehm who lets him into the group "DrumSlam" with artists from Broadway and Vegas.



In the middle of 2011 releases his drum method in Spanish that translates "Drumming from Zero" in FREE videos on YouTube, getting 1,000 subscribers in less than 4 months without advertisement. Currently his channel has more than 3,000 subscribers and gets daily questions from all over the globe.

Even though drumming is his first instrument, his career has always included the bass and the guitar and more importantly, composition that started with Vertigo and lands currently with his debut Album "La Lata". This solo LP is recorded, produced, and mixed by Moro and released by Lata Records LLC. Album is available now on tunes, amazon, rhapsody, etc. and initially on CD at La Colonial in Colombia.